Our Beginners Location – Loch Cul Dromannan is just under 9 miles north of Ullapool and a great spot with views over the mountains of the Coigach Peninsula. You can enjoy a half-day out with Stand Up Paddling on a windier day here or on a calm day. Ideal for Beginners or anyone on a windy day.

Type of SUPing: Inland Loch
Experience: Beginner to Intermediate
Duration: Half Day
Area: Ullapool
Typical wind directions: Any
Unsuitable wind directions: Strong north or north-westerly
Any notable risks: Branches at the side of Loch overhanging, roots at entry space
Distance from Ullapool: 9 miles / 15 Minutes Drive


  • Great views of Ben Mor Coigach, The Fiddler, Stac Pollaidh, Cul Beag, Cul Mor
  • Gret for beginners and kids, Loch is only 400 long and around 200 wide
  • Deep enough with no stones or anything, very good for learning


There are two options for parking at our Beginners Location – Loch Cul Dromannan. One is coming from Ullapool 50 metres before the Loch. A small trek is coming off the A835 to the left and after 100m ends. Here is the perfect spot for parking and carrying the boards down to the shore of the Loch.

Another option is on the A835 and a layby just beside the Loch. There is no easy access from here and the best is to walk back to the trek and along to get down to the Loch.

Loch Cul Dromannon is so good even on windy days because it sits lower than its surroundings and this keeps the waves and wind impact very low. We highly recommend that Loch, on a windier day when the bigger Inland Lochs or coastal locations are a no-go.

We use the Loch on a regular basis for our Beginners Lessons and send plenty of our hires to the Loch. Great to enjoy the water safely.

  • Beginners Location - Loch Cul Dromannan
  • Beginners Location - Loch Cul Dromannan
  • Beginners Location - Loch Cul Dromannan
  • Beginners Location - Loch Cul Dromannan

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