This location is just outside our hut in Ullapool and where you can pick up the boards from. The best is to park at the Royal Hotel Car Park and walk over to Ullapool – Small Pier. Very good for a quick half-day or an hour. You can also walk within 5 minutes over from our hut at the Ullapool Harbour.

Type of SUPing: Coastal
Experience: Beginner (low winds and onshore) to Intermediate
Duration: Half Day / Full day
Area: Ullapool
Typical wind directions: West and South
Unsuitable wind directions: Strong Easterly and northerly
Any notable risks: Boats in the water, working harbour to the west (keep away from this side), tidal,
Distance from Ullapool: 0 miles


  • Great views of Beinn Dearg, Fannichs and the village of Ullapool
  • Gret for a quick paddle out as very easy access and close to our hut for hiring
  • Brilliant going along the cliffs of Uamh Dhubh towards Corry Point
  • Explore the eastern side of Loch Broom to the narrows


You can park at most places in the village and walk to the small pier. If you hired boards from us you can pick them up from our hut and walk within 5 minutes to the pier.

Here you can get ready and leave the bags at the side while you on the water. You can paddle around the boats anchored or go along the eastern side of Loch Broom. The shore is getting steeper and rockier as you go along to Corrie Point and the narrows. Plenty of options to go ashore and chill before you paddle back.

This location is good for when you only have a short amount of time or want to be quick on the board. You can make this as short or long as an outing you like.

We use this location on a regular basis (if winds are low, onshore) for our Beginners Lessons and send plenty of our hires to the small pier. Great for when you only have a couple of hours.

  • Ullapool - Small Pier
  • Ullapool - Small Pier
  • Ullapool - Small Pier