General Questions

What should I wear?Comfy breathable and ideally synthetic clothing (quicker drying). Most important is to be prepared for the season and always use a buoyancy aid.
What should I bring?In the hire included is a 10 Liter waterproof bag. This you can strap to the board while paddling.

You should have something to drink with you, warm clothes, a waterproof jacket and a change of clothes in the car for after.

Most importantly is to be prepared for the season you go paddling.
Can I bring my phone?That is up to you. If you do take it make sure to put it in a waterproof bag and attach it to something. A phone alone will sink to the bottom.
Where can we go?Scotland is a wonderful place and has a lot of lochs, canals, rivers and the sea around Ullapool.

You can find loads of ideas on our “Location” page. This one is growing and always worth checking in regularly. Most locations will be within just a few minutes up to 1h driving time. Sometimes because they are so beautiful we may stretch a bit further out. Each location will have driving times on them to make it easier for you to decide what wind directions this location is ideal for.
Do I need to be able to swim?The simple answer is yes, for your own safety.
Can I bring my own board for a lesson?Yes, you can. We will offer a price for a person only and a price for including a board for hire.
Do I need my own insurance?We do not insure hirers for personal injury cover on our boards. Technically yes you should check if you have appropriate insurance in place. Most will have travel insurance in place and should cover SUPing.
Do you supply a buoyancy aid?Yes, we do and it is included in each board hire.
Do you supply a wetsuit?Yes, we do but these are optional and come at GBP 10 a day and GBP 5 for a half-day.


Do you have any rules inside the hire shop?Our wee shack at the harbour is only very small and mostly for storage. The boards and handover will be outside in the fresh air, to keep the social distancing rules is very easy to maintain as well.
Are all Accessories COVID-19 safe?Yes, equipment gets cleaned and disinfected after use ready for the next customer.
Will the boards be cleaned and COVID safe?Each board in use will be daily cleaned, maintained and disinfected for the next day.
Have you done a COVID-19 Risk-Assessment?Yes, we have done a risk assessment including for COVID-19 and appointed a COVID-19 Coordinator within the business.

Payment & Security Deposit

Is the full amount due at the time of booking?Yes, we take 100 % for all bookings. All payments are 100 % refundable up to 48 h before the hire day and time.
Is my payment refundable if I can`t travel because of COVID-19?Yes, 100 % refundable if you can´t make it to Ullapool because of COVID restriction or we can`t hand over the boards to you. For more details please read our Terms and Agreement details.
What is your cancellation policy?More than 48 hours before pick up: full refund
Less than 48 hours before the pick up: 1st day of the rental will be charged.


What is a 3 h day and a 7 h day time-wise?3h (Half day) could be 10.00 am – 1.00 pm or 2.00 pm -5.00 pm.
7h (Full day) is a full day from 10.00  am – 5.00 pm.
What is if I want to do an overnight SUP adventure or multi-day hire?From two days onwards the board hire is including overnight (24 h) until the day of return. The boards need to be back latest 5.30 pm on the Return Date.