Loch Achilty is a perfect Loch when other spots are too windy or as a newbie/beginner to learn more about the basics of Stand Up Paddling.

Type of SUPing: Inland Loch
Experience: Newbie to Beginner
Duration: Half Day to Fully day
Area: Contin / Garve
Typical wind directions: very sheltered
Unsuitable wind directions: Very strong Easterly
Any notable risks: Shallow in places and especially at the Foresty car park but gets deep very quickly
Distance from Ullapool: 38 miles / 45 Minutes Drive


  • Crannog in the Loch, great place to paddle around (Crannogs are artifical island created by humans)
  • Fantastic wooded area with birch, oaks and rowan trees.
  • Very calming place for a relaxing paddle.
  • Great Picnic area at the car park for launching the boards.


If the west coast is too breezy the freshwater and very sheltered Loch Achilty is a very good alternative. Surrounded by some beautiful small hillsides, the body of water tends to be very calm for most wind directions. Only easterly only affects it more commonly but this is not the typical wind direction around here.

The north side of the Loch has a few spots to park and launch. The best spot is the Foresty car park at the western end. Here you will find plenty of spaces to park and picnic tables for something to eat after the paddling or just chill time.

It has a very shallow and sheltered bay on the west side right beside the car park. Just remember once out of the bay and away from the shore, the Loch drops deeply every quickly.

Once finished and packed we highly recommend a stop at Tarvie Café on the way back to Ullapool to get some fuel into you after SUPing.

  • Loch Achilty
  • Loch Achilty
  • Loch Achilty
  • Loch Achilty
  • Loch Achility
  • Loch Achilty

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